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You don't have to suffer mental illness to seek help. Life is complex, often confusing and conflicted. Distress can come with the territory.  

When we’re distressed, and we’ve tried everything we know, we need outside counsel.

A counselor provides an “auxiliary mind,” so to speak. An alter ego. Someone to bring to bear, on your behalf, a range of knowledge that you simply haven’t had occasion to acquire before. Someone to provide emotional balance that your distress prevents your achieving alone. Someone to provide an objective eye on your circumstances. Someone to help you sort out your troubles.

That sort of help begins from recognizing that experience, including our troubles, doesn't divide neatly into what's inside a person and what's outside. Understanding one's experience, including one's troubles, can't be done within the boundaries of one academic discipline or profession or another. Understanding your experience requires flexible, wide-ranging intelligence. The best help comes from someone who doesn't rest content knowing only one field or discipline, but strives to know as much as possible of the soundest science, humanities, and practical wisdom.

That's the sort of help you'll find with Bob Fancher at Life Therapy.

Bob provides attentive, individualized care, bringing to bear on your behalf a wide range of knowledge proven--through his publications and consulting work--to measure up to the highest intellectual standards. 

Bob's work centers on insight and understanding, on sorting out the truths of your life and circumstances. Bob doesn't offer gimmicks or tricks to manipulate your moods, nor does he indoctrinate you into some preconceived notion of correct thought and behavior. Rather, he does his best to help you understand yourself, your social milieu, and the cultural and social forces that impact your well-being. He helps you become competent enough, and wise enough, to live a life as satisfying and meaningful as reality allows.



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